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Disclaimer & Credits

Hello, dear wanderer! Welcome to DigiRoyalty, a shrine dedicated to Digimon Tamers' Rika (Ruki) and Ryo that used to run under the domain name

I launched DigiRoyalty in December 2008 and it was up and running for a few years (I think the last update was made in 2012) until we stopped paying for the domain and the site was gone. It did come to my mind to re-launch it several times over the past few years and I'm finally doing it in 2020! :D

News and Updates

Back from the dead & Happy Odaiba Memorial Day!
By: Mika
Date: August 1st, 2020

What a nice way to honor the Odaiba Memorial Day! :) DigiRoyalty is back online - although still under construction. I set up the new layout but the content will be available in the following weeks.

The computer that stored all my DigiRoyalty stuff unfortunatelly died a couple of years ago but thanks to my 2011-self, who put all her PC data on a CD (!), I was able to access all of the data up until December 2010. If I remember correctly, the only (more important) things missing are 2 or 3 later layouts and a small research I started on WonderSwan games to understand Ryo better - which I might still get back, since I do have the data storage from my old computer and I only need a special cable to access it.

What are my plans now? First thing I want to do is to re-write some things (a lot of them) and delete some others. I'm 10+ years older now than I was when I wrote most of the stuff here and looking at them from a perspective of a 30-year-old is super cringy to say the least. :D

I'm looking forward to re-do the page, make it a little less Ryuki obsessed (although I'd seen worse, it's not all that bad) and explore a thing or two extra (finishing the WonderSwan games is one of them). In the end I'd just like to leave the page online, even when I stop with the updates. There were so many wonderfull Digimon, Ryuki, Rika and Ryo pages I used to visit regularily and it's sad to see all that effort gone forever.

Credits: earlgreymon from Tumblr

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